Christina Bassett

Calgary Signal Hill

Accountabillabuddy and Candidate for Calgary Signal Hill, Christina is determined to support you to get to 40 pushups by election. That way on Election Day we are all winners.

Christina has her degrees in psychology, political science, and criminology. And she even got a job out of it! She uses creativity, humour, and curiosity to make complex issues more approachable for Canadians.  Some may say that running for the Rhino Party may be a hobby but she is in it to win it*.

If elected, Christina will invite Hal Johnson and Johanne McLeod to be ministers of Sports and Culture and will make ParticipACTION mandatory for most.

Her best friend is her dog Jones.

Join Christina on Instagram, or Twitter in her journey to 40 pushups @MissBasstastic. Or like her Facebook page Bassett for Calgary Signal Hill.

*’win it’ means have fun.

Instagram: @missbasstastic

Twitter: MissBasstastic

Facebook: Bassett for Calgary Signal Hill

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