Mathieu Castonguay

Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia


A 25-year-old man from Amqui, I am passionate about computer science and science fiction. I studied at Amqui High School. And that’s all. No political science, no study in law, no path in politics. I tried to go to CEGEP in Computer Science and I gave up after failing several of my math classes.

I am currently working in Quebec City on administrative website programming with the intention, in July 2020, of moving to my hometown in Amqui.

I have a wonderful wife with whom I have been since I was 13 years old and a little girl comfortably lodged in her womb that should be born in December of this year.


Disillusioned by current politics, I myself started politics in the only party that represents me. I’ve heard of the Rhinoceros Party this year thanks to a colleague who likes politics a lot.

You see, I have never had confidence in politics, politicians, or just people highly placed in our government / society. To give you an idea of how low my esteem for politicians is, when I am told, “Do not vote for him, he is corrupt.” My answer goes like this: “For me, corruption or the lies uttered by a politician do not count in the balance. They are all liars, they are all corrupt and the politicians will always shake the right hand while he steals us from the left. ”

The worst is that I am not the only one. Many people no longer trust these people who govern us. I do not want to generalize either, I know that some politicians are surely honest … but which one? How to know that someone is not corrupt? I do not know. I decided to be a part of this. Not because I think I can win, but because I want to see if I am the only one to be frustrated by the current politics. To see if I’m the only one to believe that our government is a joke.

I believe that those who will vote for me, even if they are really not numerous, will do so because they are tired of our corrupt system.

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