Richard Plett

Hamilton Mountain

Born Easter Sunday, April 14, 1968 in Ottawa.

Settled in Mississauga in grade 3 after living in London, England, Halifax, Etobicoke and Regina and lived there until 2003, moving to Tidnish, Nova Scotia until January of 2018. I just could not find work at that time to support myself and returned to Mississauga and worked at Amazon for 18 months about. Arrived in Hamilton in April of 2019.

As a youth I delivered flyers, newspapers, caddied for golfers, collected empty beer bottles left in the parks, washed dishes, played sports including hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball etc. I had very supportive parents who I could drive crazy at times.

I quit school at age 15 in grade 10, I had gotten into trouble and I really was to embarrassed to go back and face my friends.

At 16 I got my license and delivered pizza on the Lakeshore in Etobicoke, plus worked as a courier and at 18 I took a real estate course and acquired my Real Estate License and worked for Royal Lepage for a very brief period of time. I began selling sports collectibles in the early 1990’s and that expanded into other collectibles. That business I got to travel straight across Canada and into many USA States, plus Europe and even Hong Kong and China. During the late 1990’s I opened a wholesale business with another and that prospered to over 5 million dollars in sales a year plus employing people. I have since learned I was very fortunate in the business people I became involved with, there word was always good as was mine.

I left that behind in 2003 and moved to Nova Scotia, the money I made from business enabled me to do this and to me there was more to life than just money and I had fond memories of the place when I was a child visiting my Grandmother there.

In 2007 I bought a business location and ran a General Store that had closed down, I did not figure I would make much money at it and was taking a real chance, I was just itching to do something, there was a need for it. It sold gas, liquor, groceries, hardware items etc. It was working and I was happy making around 25 to 30 thousand a year and employing a few people in the process. It took everything I had to get started and I was fine with that. I had really grown to like the people of the community there! Needless to say, I had to shut down that business in 2014 or 15, it was a real bad time for me so I am not exact on the actual dates at the moment. The one thing I discovered while my early experience with business people in life was all good and they were very honourable, I discovered politicians were not so honourable and were mostly useless and really had no clue about anything, this really surprised me and also how spiteful they can really be. I discovered they really mostly only care about their position and will trample on just about anyone no matter what they say! It is not that they are bad, it is just they succumb to their masters demands and really have no free voice themselves to express openly.

This is when my interest in politics began, though I had always voted and I actually believed what they were selling, I figured they were the cream of the crop, that is what I get for dropping out of school at the age of 15!

I should mention I went to night school and graduated in 2015 I think (I sometimes mess up dates) with my high school diploma, it took me two years and I worked and studied and enjoyed learning what kids today in high school learn!

I also listened to what our leaders would always say that there are processes open to all of us and I took their advice and got myself Intervenor status first in front of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board for dealing with the price of gasoline in Nova Scotia. I had testified before once and I was somewhat interested if what our leaders said was really true, so I tried. I presented evidence; did real surveys after all I owned a gas station in Nova Scotia on the border with New Brunswick. I would not recommend many people try this; you will be fucked with in ways you cannot even imagine by real power! I have been told I am hard headed and even recently, that got me through it, though I did spend at least 2 nights in the hospital over it. You would see articles in the press that are really just planted there to fuck with you and the reporters will have no clue themselves, I was able to ignore them all mostly. You will also be completely ignored by everyone which is to be expected, it really is just politics after all! I also have been an Intervenor for power outages that happened after big storms in Nova Scotia and how the power company there responds to them. With your support I will do this here.

Also I should mention I only ever filed one complaint with the Ombudsmen office in Nova Scotia about the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation and never spoke about that with anyone, but I will tell you with in a day or two of every single communication I had with the Ombudsman investigator I would have a response like clockwork from the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation about my liquor business with them. You see it really is just politics, someone high up in the Ombudsman’s Office would speak with a political party in power like a back room player who would pass that onto to someone at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation and they would issue some directive to their non union employees about me, it is just the way it really works and that is my speculation based on my own experiences. So, the moral of the story is do not trust what the rules and regulations really say, politics will find a way to harm you. I would like to end this practice! I took them on and lost and it cost me two 300 hundred dollar fines which I have not paid as the judge said I could spent 3 days in jail and at the time I did not have the 600 dollars for the fines, but they would not send me to jail and I even went to court to try and force them to send me to jail for 3 days, the Crown refused, also of note the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation a Crown Corporation has not complied with the Judge’s verdict and continues to hold my product which it has not paid me for, over 10 grand! I also appealed this verdict twice and lost and if I could have afforded to do so I would have tried the Supreme Court of Canada, I was just one level below that and I got there all on my own, I just could not afford it even without a lawyer or I would have!

All the above aside I know how cruel our system can be, I have experienced it and I do want to change that, I need your help to do so though, and I know many of you have or are going through your own struggles and I will listen and when the opportunity arises I will do something about it.

Other parts of my life, I am currently driving for ride share companies, I have taken courses in CPR and first aid from the Red Cross courtesy of Amazon. I have been a volunteer fireman in my community in Nova Scotia for a number of years until about 2009, though only have been to two actual fires, they do not happen much there, I have volunteered my time to my community centre on a few occasions as a Bingo Caller and Bartender etc. I rent a piece of my property in Nova Scotia out to the community for one dollar a year which they use for ball tournaments, play grounds and raise funds with. I have been a community correspondent for my local news paper there for about 1 year which I was not paid for and my editor at the time still is a friend of mine and I think he is very talented.

I do not like do speak of my personal relationships after all I am not elected and I know I have very little chance of being elected, so I do not see the point. I will say I have no kids of my own, though I am still hopeful someday if the right person might come along.  My relationships have been few and far between, I am not good at meeting people that way.

I find politicians from major political parties are so very easily corrupted and that is as simple as giving up their freedom of expression for fear of punishment by their political masters. There are very few who can overcome this with all they get paid and such. With me you will be electing someone who will actually listen to you and will have almost no fear in expressing myself for your interests in Parliament in ways that work. By the way Question Period in Parliament is one of the most useless spectacles of our democracy. I have other ways and I will keep you openly informed if elected.

I believe in God, though I do not go to Church except once in the last year.

I struggle at times like many of you do and I am running in Hamilton Mountain because this is where I live and I would be happy to stay here.

Richard Plett
Rhinoceros Party
Hamilton Mountain
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Campaign slogan: “Mutatis mutandis”


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