Guiness World Record of the Longest Election Ballot in History!

If you want to participate, you have to :

  • Be an eligible elector in Canada (18 years or more on election day, October 21st 2019, and Canadian citizenship)
  • I want my name to be on the ballot of Regina Qu’Appelle riding (where ever you live in Canada!), listed as independant candidate

Also, you will have to complete these small tasks :

  • Complete paperwork on a computer, about 1 or 2 hour.
  • Sign one paper in front of a Election Canada returning officer in a local Election Canada office in your area, (or in front of a lawyer or notary)
  • Find a local Election Canada office on Election Canada website (or lawyer or notary), and call them (easy!)
  • All completed on or before Sunday Sept. 29th.

If you agree with all the above, fill the form here !

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