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Our lies surpass all the standards of ridicule of parliament


Credible candidates

Recognized by Elections Canada, our candidates have gathered more than 15,250,000 lies of experience


Nothing but the truth!

All our election promises have standard warranty of 2 years or 50,000 votes

As we’re voting for clowns, choose the funniest!

Founded in 1963, the Rhinoceros Party offers an almost credible alternative to voters disillusioned by traditional parties. Promising funnier lies of superior quality, our candidates are softer and more silky than any competitors' brand. Voting for real politicians does not get you anywhere? Change your strategy: vote for a fake one !

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for Canada

Proud to offer you a series of commitments as original as they are unrealistic, the Rhinoceros Party stands out, offering you 5 times more promises than any competing party!

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