Be Candidate!

Federal elections will be held on October 21st of 2019. Be ready ! We need our team of future MP’s to be ready sonner than later, contact us to reserve a seat.

How to be candidate ?

1. Find a riding. The one you like. You do not have to live in it. Make sure it’s free, from our candidate list.
2. Fill this form :
3. Find an Official Agent : a friend or family that’s reliable. Sortof. He will sign some documents and keep some paper for 2 to 6 months, he will prepare your end of election report also
4. Rule #4 was removed from Elections Canada! HOORRAY! It’s now FREE to be candidate in a federal election! Find $1,000. You’ll have to deposit $1,000 to Elections Canada. All candidates are entitled to a full refund of their deposits, provided they comply with the reporting requirements under the Canada Elections Act. None of our candidate lost it, but you’ll need it. 
5. You’ll have to gather 100 signatures from people eligible to vote in your riding when the election starts.

More info :

Choose a riding and become a candidate! We promise a minister seat of your choice to every elected candidate! PROMO : If you manage to get elected before Oct. 21th, you get 2 seats!

Objective : 333

Rhino Party will show up with 333 candidates in all areas of Canada, from Cost to Cost. We are presently recruiting new blood for our team : from Dubai-Berta to the Atlantic, from hot British & Columbian isles to the Great North, we are looking for you !

Here is the form to reserve a seat :

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