Future Candidate Bureaucracy Test

*** UPDATE January 2021 ***

We think elections will be launched this spring of 2021, so we are getting ready. Like February or March. Seriously. Anyway, if that doesn’t happen, it should be in the Fall.

How to be candidate ?

In 2019, the Rhino Party had about 110 canadians who attempted to put their name on the ballot. The Rhino Team, as volunteers, helped a lot of them and put a lot of time and effort to have each and every of them on the ballot. We were very happy that 40 of them sucessfully put their name on the ballot. Altough this was a great victory, it was also a great disapointment : we have put so much effort, and so many people failed…

In 2021, we want to spend less time in front of a computer to answer emails where the answer is on Election Canada website, we want to be on the phone with you, but for having fun and to do some great repairs on stupid decisions from Election Canada, not to hold your hand while you don’t go out gathering your paperwork done, so we will be a little bit more selective in our candidacy review.

We are asking every candidate to carefully read the Rhino Candidate Starting Guide, that will help you understand a little bit about how to be a candidate in a federal election. It does not give every clue, just it helps. Also, Election Canada website is full of ressources.

Some pre-requesites :

  • Find a riding. The one you like. You do not have to live in it, but you’ll have to seek for signatures of constituents in there.
  • Find an Official Agent : a friend or family that’s reliable… or sortof. S/he will sign some documents and keep some paper for 2 to 6 months, s/he will prepare your end of election report also open a bank account for your $0 campaign, because we love bureaucraty and The Law requires that.
  • You will have to gather 100 signatures from people eligible to vote in your riding when the election starts. This task will ask at least 10 to 15 hours of work.

How to be a candidate, video version

Putting your name on a ballot is quite simple, but at the same time it’s a little bit complicated and it does require time. So here we go. Bureaucraty all the way, you’ll have to read this in order to be a candidate for the Rhino Party. If you want to be a candidate, please read the guide here, and you should find your way : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dyAGxUwp2IdvthxQLEsd0wQOSRvcsLzoeD0bF4_6Ias

** PLEASE do have a confirmation from someone from the party before gathering signatures, or you may start gathering signatures in a riding that’s already giving to someone else. **


We promise a minister seat to every elected candidate! PROMO : If you refer a friend for a seat in Parliament and s/he wins, you’ll be granted with 2 Ministry of our Dealer’s choice!

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