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The Rhino Party really doesn’t want to bug you with asking for money.  We won’t do a contest where you’ll win “a day with the Dealer” or other shit like that.  We are honest: if elected as a Rhino Majority Government, we’ll appoint all donors to the Embassy of their choice.  That being said, we need money to get to the “Cost to Cost Tour”, from Halifax to Vancouver round trip in October.  So, here’s the way to give us money!

All donations are eligible for a tax credit in Canada.  The first $400 will give you 75% back as tax credit!  For example, if you give $100, you will be refunded $75 on your 2019 income tax report.  So this donation will only cost $25!  The legal maximum is $1500, so if you give more, we’re going to call the RCMP right away and we will come for a Rhino Party at your place!


If you want a T-shirt, it’s here: Goodies!


The Dealer in his T-Shirts before a meeting with Pierre Trudeau in 1978


If you are looking for a lifetime membership card, see this page.



Small caracters of donation : 

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  1. I am a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada and I am making this contribution with my personal credit card and not a corporate credit card;
  2. This contribution is not from a corporation;
  3. The funds I am donating are from me and are not being provided by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  4. Yes, we have to play with the actual law.  Wait until we change it!

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