The Party

Born in 1963, the Rhinoceros Party of Canada is now 55 years old!

Over the years, several movements have emerged in the party. Promising to abolish the Law of Gravity, because it is illegal and has never been voted in the Canadian Parliament, or to abolish the environment, because it costs too much and it’s too difficult to maintain, the Rhinoceros Party has always sought to make Canadians laugh while laughing at politicians.

In 2019, the Rhino Party is defined as a cooperative of candidates, where each candidate can promise what he wants in his riding! Even our Supreme Dealer Sébastien CoRhino invites the candidates: “You can say the opposite of what I say, and I will agree with you, I will support you!”, he says. “There is a Rhino platform, candidates can take the pieces they like, and say the opposite of what they do not like. It is important for me to have no party line and not to search to control the message. Anyway, the other parties are already doing it, a Liberal or Conservative candidate has no right to say anything other than what is written in his Candidate’s Guide, and I’ve been told that even the Green Party is the same! What’s the problem? They’re afraid that a candidate will say something crooked and that it will be air on the news? Well me, I say to my candidates: be crooked, say it, and anyway you will not even be on the news! ”

Founded by doctor and writer Jacques Ferron, the Rhinoceros Party of Canada has never elected a member, but several candidates finished 2nd or 3rd in their constituency. Let us note the candidatures of John Turner, Charlie MacKenzie, Guy Laliberté, François Yo Gourd, Raoul Duguay, Mara Tremblay, Michel Chartrand, Gaston Miron, Richard Z. Sirois, etc …

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