Donovan Eckstrom in Edmonton-Strathcona

Here we go : for the second time in a row, we wish to welcome Donovan Eckstrom in our team !

Here’s what he promises for Edmonton : “My main goal is to make Edmonton exceptional again, we no longer have the biggest mall in the world. So using various schematics: Tower of Power

I believe we can build a mall higher and farther than any tower before us. By 2019 I promise that it will be taller than CN Tower !”

“Furthermore, with regards to Alberta’s Oil Royalty Review, I feel that the federal government has a duty to aid in the review so I promise to get Prince Charles, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of England to stop by Alberta and be reviewed quite promptly and efficiently.”

He is gonna defend the colors of the Plan 2015-3015 in Edmonton, please support him ! He was running in 2011 and here’s a press paper about him :

Donate to his campaign or become a member here : here.

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