Rhino Party offers Eve Adams riding of her choice

Toronto – July 26th 2015 – After her unfortunate loss in the Liberal nomination, The Rhino Party offers Eve Adams the riding of her choice in any of Greater Toronto Area ridings.

“We know for sure Eve Adams will win when she is going to face the election. It’s an absolute injustice that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals have let an actual MP run again ! Furthermore, by having a MP in the Parliament, the Leader’s Debate would have the privilege of featuring the Rhino Leader Sébastien CôRhino for the first time in Canada’s history!”, said an anonymous source in the Rhino Party.

The Supreme Dealer, Sébastien CôRhino, added : “We promise to rig the nomination race in her favor. Eve will be free to choose whatever riding she thinks is the best and we will support her !”

We think that after running for the Conservatives and the Liberals, the only possible next step in Canadian politics is to run for the Rhinoceros Party of Canada.

Rhinoceros Party is presently operating under its Plan 2015-3015 and promises a stable government if elected.

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