Rhino Tour of March

Sébastien CoRhino is the New Dealer of Parti Rhinoceros of Canada ! He is the best bet for being Prime Minister of Canada in the October 2015 elections. CoRhino is presently touring Canada to show the movie Erection Canada, and to release his Plan 2015-3015 – For the Future of Canada.

Wednesday March 4th – Sherbrooke
Thursday March 5th – Toronto –> Gatineau !
Friday March 6th – PM : Ottawa – Release of Plan 2015-3015 – For the Future of Canada
Friday March 6th – night : Montréal
Saturday March 7th : Québec – Lévis

Visit this website, it’s made for all erectors, erectrices, futur Rhino candidates, medias, members of public, sponsorship, ships shipping ships, kids, etc.

Have fun and stay horny !

2015-01 - Photo 2020photo candidat Guillaume Briand

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